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Iridescent Transparent Rainbow Bundles

Iridescent Transparent Rainbow Bundles

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A great way to have the spectrum at your fingertips!

Bullseye Bundles include one 10" x10" sheet of each color listed (3mm) and Bitty Bundles include one 5" x10" sheet of each color listed (3mm).

1122-31 Red Irid Transparent*
1125-31 Orange Irid Transparent*
1120-31 Yellow Irid Transparent*
1426-31 Spring Green Irid Transparent
1417-31 Emerald Green Irid Transparent
1116-31 Turquoise Irid Transparent
1114-31 Deep Royal Blue Irid Transparent
1228-31 Amethyst Irid Transparent

*Striking styles may appear different than their intended color before firing. These styles will reveal the targeted color after firing.