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Tint Shades Bundles

Tint Shades Bundles

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If you haven’t played with Bullseye’s line of tints yet, this is your chance! Tints are pale transparent sheets, originally designed to be layered to create brilliant color in thick projects. What a lot of people don’t know is that they’re also a fantastic way to expand your palette of shades. They’re great for layering over lighter colors to create subtleties of shade and pastel colors. Explore your possibilities!

Bullseye Bundles include one 10" x10" sheet of each color listed (3mm) and Bitty Bundles include one 5" x10" sheet of each color listed (3mm).

1808 Aqua Blue Tint
1814 Sapphire Blue Tint
1820 Pale Yellow Tint
1834 Coral Orange Tint
1845 Ming Green Tint
1859 Rhubarb Shift Tint