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ThinFire Shelf Paper, Rolls

ThinFire Shelf Paper, Rolls

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Available in the following roll sizes:
-Narrow (20.5" x 65' roll)
-Short-Wide (41" x 32.75' roll)
-Super (41" x 250' roll)- this roll is for in store pick up only

The ThinFire roll is an economical way to purchase shelf paper; cut only what you need, and the rest stores neatly and cleanly in the box! An excellent choice if you have a larger kiln or odd-sized projects.

An excellent alternative to priming your shelf after every firing, Thin Fire shelf paper help create a beautifully smooth finish on the bottom of your kiln-fired projects while making post-firing cleanup quick and easy.

The Bullseye logo is printed on the back of the sheet, allowing easy identification of the "right" side for kiln setup.

Please note that ThinFire is designed to be used for one firing only.

SAFETY NOTE: Always wear an NIOSH-approved dust mask and gloves when handling fiber products, both before and after firing. A HEPA vacuum or wet-cleaning method should always be used to remove fiber dust.