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Colors for Earth Color Concentrate- Kit #3

Colors for Earth Color Concentrate- Kit #3

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CC Enhancer Kit #3 includes one 1 oz bottle each of:

CC114 Coral
CC115 Tangerine Peel
CC121 Maize
CC122 Lemon Peel
CC124 Yellow Ochre
CC130 Blush Cabernet
CC135 French Lilac
CC136 Purple Sage
CC140 Cobalt Blue
CC150 Light Cerulean
CC163 Shadow Green
CC165 Hunter Green
CC182 Natural #5


Build your Color Concentrate palette quickly and easily with this kit!

Color Concentrates are bright, translucent pigments suspended in a gel base, used to embellish or accent Colors for Earth enamels. Because they do not contain any glass particles, they are not meant for use directly on the glass surface; they are meant for application over other enamels, and require capping with clear glass prior to firing.

Color Concentrates are an excellent way to add depth and enhance the appearance of the G series enamels from Colors for Earth. The concentrates should be thinned with water to apply over the dry glass enamels on projects to result in a glossy finish.

PLEASE NOTE: Color Concentrates applied directly to a glass surface will result in a matte and non-food safe finish! It must be capped to be food safe.