ON SALE FEB 6-12: 40% OFF Select Bullseye Hobby & Half Sheets and $5.00 OFF Fire-Up for Fusers E-Book


ON SALE February 6-12

40% OFF Select Bullseye Half Sheets


*Bullseye Large Sheets are available for in-store pick up only.*

As the largest Bullseye Kiln Glass Resource Center on the East Coast, you'll find just about everything Bullseye here at the Weisser Glass Studio, both in-store and online!

Bullseye is known worldwide as the premier manufacturer of tested-compatible glass for fusing, unsurpassed for consistency, quality, and reliability. It’s not only for fusing, either; much of Bullseyes sheet glass line is an excellent choice for stained glass and mosaic as well!

Bullseye fusible glasses are factory-tested for compatibility with each other and are commonly referred to as “90 COE”. They should not be fused together with glasses of other COEs (such as System 96, borosilicate, or float glass).